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I grew up in the Christian patriarchy movement, which was based on the fundamentalist ideology of women being submissive to men in all parts of life and which was heavily influenced by leaders such as Doug Wilson and Doug Phillips (Vision Forum). I was homeschooled and raised to become a stay-at-home wife and mother. My behavior and education were heavily monitored by my church and my father so that leaving home never felt like an option. After a failed courtship and the struggle with depression that followed, I started to imagine a different way of living, one where I could have the ability to make life decisions for myself.

After leaving my parents’ house when I was twenty-five, I started over in Michigan, where I married my best friend, got my first job, and graduated with a degree in creative writing from Michigan State University. Finding ways of healing in therapy and writing, I began to share my story publicly, connecting with others who have left the movement or similar high-control religious movements. I currently serve on the editorial board of Tears of Eden, a nonprofit providing resources for survivors of spiritual abuse.

You can find more about me and my writing at my home website, caitwest.com.

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Writing about Life after Christian Patriarchy


Cait West

Writer and editor in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Debut memoir about leaving the stay-at-home-daughter movement - available spring 2024.